Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seventy7 - All That Gliter and Glamour

The wives saw the schoolboys in their husbands. That was what happened when old friends met. With 150 members, spouses and offspring, it was the largest gathering that was ever organized by the club.

The organising Committee headed by Adam and Jamian, which should be applauded, pull all stops in their effort to attract as many members as possible. There was Kumpulan Bale-Bale as guest artist as well as in house talents who rendered well known tunes from the Dining Hall days such as Bila Larut Malam and Soldier of Fortune. There was a show of well made and very evocative movie specially prepared for the occasion. The diners sat to a cuisine of sumptuous Chinese six courses. The setting at the Grand Ball Room of the Sri Pacific Hotel, under brightly lit chandeliers and miles of scallops was for the lack of better word, grand.

STAROBA paid its respect by sending Dato Nasir Ahmad, CEO of PUNB to grace the occasion. In his speech, he confirmed that Fivers 77 is one of the most active batches. The President was compelled to make a speech as well and surprisingly did have a go at it. He implored the members to work at bonds of friendships that were initiated by the coincidence of attending the same school but which should not be left to chance anymore. It will be wasted by years of apathy if not properly guarded against. The club took the opportunity to persuade all those that have not subscribed, to do so. Some 13 new subscribed members were netted. The sale of momentos in the form of T-Shirts and stickers were very well supported by the attendees

The occasion marked 30th year after most of them left the beloved Alma Mater in 1977. For some of them, it was 30 years since they have last seen others. One such person was Prof Helmi Abdul Rahman. He flew all the way from Kota Kinabalu where he teaches at UiTM Sabah. Among the never seen before species were Nik Musatafa, Yusof Tawil, Yusof Saadon, Amir Hamzah Bistamam, Prof Roji Sarmidi, Zubir Rahim and Mastura Aladin. There were others, too many to mention, of similar circumstances. There were delegations from far away places such as Johor, Perlis and Kelantan. Their commitment and spirit could only be admired.

Enticing that the food may be, still some of them almost forgot to eat. The official program took some time to start for outside the hall, groups of long lost friends just can’t be dragged away from repeatedly shaking hands and exchanging mutual appreciation of each other. Nevertheless, the proceeding was well orchestrated by MC Sazali. The best part was when all were called upon to link hands and sings “Teman Sejati”, an aptly lyrical song by the group “Brothers”. There were a few drops of almost tears seen on macho faces which were quickly and secretly dried away. The night officially ended with the AGM, but for most, they wished it never end. Some of them tried to accomplish that with lengthy teh tarik sessions at nearby mamak stalls.

They all came to meet old friends and to remember the good old days of more than 30 years ago but in turn, they have made it into a night to remember for another 30 years. MK

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